Total Synthesis of Paspaline A and Emindole PB Enabled by Computational Augmentation of a Transform-Guided Retrosynthetic Strategy.

Kim DE , Zweig JE , Newhouse TR
Journal of the American Chemical Society
We report the total syntheses of two indole diterpenoid natural products, paspaline A and emindole PB. Paspaline A is synthesized in a 9-step sequence from commercially available materials. The first total synthesis of emindole PB is accomplished in 13 steps and confirms a previously ambiguous structural assignment. Density functional theory calculations are utilized to interrogate the key carbocationic rearrangement in a predictive capacity to aid in the selection of the most favorable precursor substrate. This work highlights how retrosynthetic design can be augmented with quantum chemical calculations to reveal energetically feasible synthetic disconnections, minimizing time-consuming and expensive empirical evaluation.

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