Fabrication of Micro-Punch Array by Plasma Printing for Micro-Embossing into Copper Substrates.

Shiratori T , Aizawa T , Saito Y , Dohda K
Copper substrates were wrought to have micro-grooves for packaging by micro-stamping with use of a AISI316 stainless steel micro-punch array. The micro-texture of this arrayed punch was first tailored and compiled into CAD data. A screen film was prepared to have the tailored micro-pattern in correspondence to the CAD data. A negative pattern to this screen was printed directly onto the AISI316 die substrate. This substrate was plasma nitrided at 673 K for 14.4 ks. The unprinted die surfaces were selectively nitrogen super-saturated to have sufficiently high corrosion toughness and hardness; other surfaces were masked by the prints. The two-dimensional micro-pattern on the screen was transformed into a three-dimensional nitrogen supersaturated micro-texture embedded in the AISI316 die. The printed surfaces were selectively sand-blasted to fabricate the micro-textured punch array for micro-embossing. A uniaxial compression testing machine was utilized to describe the micro-embossing behavior in copper substrates and to investigate how the micro-texture on the die was transcribed to the copper. The micro-punch array in this study consisted of three closed loop heads with a width of 75 µm and a height of 120 µm after plasma nitriding and sand-blasting. Since the nitrogen supersaturated heads had sufficient hardness against the blasting media, the printed parts of AISI316 die were removed. The micro-embossing process was described by comparison of the geometric configurations between the multi-punch array and the embossed copper plate.

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