[The QOL Research in Gastric Cancer Treatment].

Honda M , Waragai M , Hori S , Kobayashi H , Takano Y , Teranishi Y
Gan to kagaku ryoho. Cancer & chemotherapy
The quality of life(QOL)research for patients with gastric cancer still remains a room of development. Among some procedures of gastrectomy, we found few significant differences in QOL score reports but in symptoms' score in previous. Therefore, it is difficult for physicians to interpret or adapt the study results to their practice. QOL research also included several problems in study design or statistics, such as unmeasurable confounding factors, missing data management, control of type 1 error. The future issues are to establish the concept of gastric cancer specific QOL, to thoroughly investigate the optimal methodology to evaluate patients' QOL and to form consensus among researchers and patients.

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