Multifunctional porous hydrogen-bonded organic framework materials.

Lin RB , He Y , Li P , Wang H , Zhou W , Chen B
Chemical Society reviews
Hydrogen-bonded organic frameworks (HOFs) represent an interesting type of polymeric porous materials that can be self-assembled through H-bonding between organic linkers. To realize permanent porosity in HOFs, stable and robust open frameworks can be constructed by judicious selection of rigid molecular building blocks and hydrogen-bonded units with strong H-bonding interactions, in which the framework stability might be further enhanced through framework interpenetration and other types of weak intermolecular interactions such as ππ interactions. Owing to the reversible and flexible nature of H-bonding connections, HOFs show high crystallinity, solution processability, easy healing and purification. These unique advantages enable HOFs to be used as a highly versatile platform for exploring multifunctional porous materials. Here, the bright potential of HOF materials as multifunctional materials is highlighted in some of the most important applications for gas storage and separation, molecular recognition, electric and optical materials, chemical sensing, catalysis, and biomedicine.

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