AWESOME: a database of SNPs that affect protein post-translational modifications.

Yang Y , Peng X , Ying P , Tian J , Li J , Ke J , Zhu Y , Gong Y , Zou D , Yang N , Wang X , Mei S , Zhong R , Gong J , Chang J , Miao X
Nucleic acids research
Protein post-translational modifications (PTMs), including phosphorylation, ubiquitination, methylation, acetylation, glycosylation et al, are very important biological processes. PTM changes in some critical genes, which may be induced by base-pair substitution, are shown to affect the risk of diseases. Recently, large-scale exome-wide association studies found that missense single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) play an important role in the susceptibility for complex diseases or traits. One of the functional mechanisms of missense SNPs is that they may affect PTMs and leads to a protein dysfunction and its downstream signaling pathway disorder. Here, we constructed a database named AWESOME (A Website Exhibits SNP On Modification Event,, which is an interactive web-based analysis tool that systematically evaluates the role of SNPs on nearly all kinds of PTMs based on 20 available tools. We also provided a well-designed scoring system to compare the performance of different PTM prediction tools and help users to get a better interpretation of results. Users can search SNPs, genes or position of interest, filter with specific modifications or prediction methods, to get a comprehensive PTM change induced by SNPs. In summary, our database provides a convenient way to detect PTM-related SNPs, which may potentially be pathogenic factors or therapeutic targets.

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