Predicting Escalated Care in Infants With Bronchiolitis.

Freire G , Kuppermann N , Zemek R , Plint AC , Babl FE , Dalziel SR , Freedman SB , Atenafu EG , Stephens D , Steele DW , Fernandes RM , Florin TA , Kharbanda A , Lyttle MD , Johnson DW , Schnadower D , Macias CG , Benito J , Schuh S ,
Early risk stratification of infants with bronchiolitis receiving airway support is critical for focusing appropriate therapies, yet the tools to risk categorize this subpopulation do not exist. Our objective was to identify predictors of "escalated care" in bronchiolitis. We hypothesized there would be a significant association between escalated care and predictors in the emergency department. We subsequently developed a risk score for escalated care.

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